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A Profile of Hamedan Province Agriculture:
The presence of favorable climate, good soil and water resources has led to the growth and expansion of agriculture and animal husbandry in the province and has long been considered as a hub for agricultural and animal husbandry in the country.
The area under farming of the province is 650000 hectares, of which 465000 hectares are dry and 185000 hectares are irrigated. Also the fallow land is 280000 hectares.
The main farming products in the province are: wheat, potato, forage, garlic, barley, oil seeds and peas.
The average annual production of crops in the province is about 3/5 million tons.

The land under cultivation of the province's gardens is 74500 hectares out of which an average of 690000 tons of garden products are produced annually.
The main garden products of the province are: grape, walnut, apple, nectarine, peach, plum, apricot, almond, varieties of medicinal plants and etc.
Agricultural products of Hamedan province, ranking  first in the country are: potatoe, walnut, alfalfa, garlic, grape, sugar beet, barley and wheat.
In recent years, 7715 hectares of greenhouses have been constructed and are now expanding. Also, the presence of 92 units of edible fungi with an annual capacity of 3108 tons is among the other characteristics of the gardening and horticulture sector of the province.

Processing Industry:
With regards to the production of 957 million tons of agricultural products, currently 245 processing and supplementary units with an absorption capacity of raw materials of 1240416 tons per year are operating in the province. However, there is still room for the creation of modern units of processing-comlementary industries and equipping existing units to advanced technology.

Livestock, Fowl and Fisheries:
There are 5/1 million livestock units and 11 million fowls and laying stocks, as well as the establishment of 1079 units of livestock, poultry, horse, ostrich, ornamental birds and 2100 units of honey production, as well as the existence of good quality of Mehraban sheep, which all are the capabilities of Hamedan province and in the field of animal husbandry.
In this province, using modern aquaculture technology, annually 2200 tons of cold-water fish and 1/8 tons of hot water are produced. The province also ranked first in the country in the production of 28 million Eyed Rainbow trout eggs,(20% of the country's production).
Another advantage of the province in the field of aquaculture is the annual production of 1 million pieces of ornamental fish. Also, the selection of the city of Nahavand as an aquaculture city of the country is another characteristic of the province in the field of aquaculture.

Some of the Infrastructures and Benefits available in the Agricultural Sector of the Province:
-The presence of important genetic reserves such as: wheat seeds, alfalfa, walnut, potato, various specious of medicinal plants and herbs, as well as Mehraban sheep and etc. are all the advantages of Hamedan province.
-The existence of higher agricultural education centers, Agriculture and Natural Resources Research Center, and the presence of more than 700 agricultural sector graduates in the field of production and consultion, technical and engineering services are among the other advantages and characteristics of Hamedan province.

Some Rankings of the Agricultural Sector of the Province compared to the Country:
-First in the production of potato
-First in the production of walnut
- Third in the production of alfalfa
- First in the production of garlic
-Fifth in the  production of grape
- Fifth in the  production of sugar beet
-Second in the production of barley
-Seventh in the production of wheat

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