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Hamedan Center of Foreign Investment Services
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Registration of all Investors and Executives of Semi-finished Projects, and Developmental Projects in the Province............ The Iranian Year 1396, is the Year of Economy of Resistance: Production and Employment.........................A new round of Hamedan Center of Investment Service (HCIS) activities ..............HCIS ready to give advice and facilitate licensing process through the fully-authorized representatives................. We'll take care of everything for you

Trade and Commerce
  This sector has high potentials for investment.

  Hamedan province like the other provinces in Iran has a suitable basis for developing non-oil export. Measure (weight) of non-oil export of this province in 2010 was nearly about 694258 ton and its price (value) was about 193310 thousand dollars which comprises 9% of exporting value. In comparison with last year it has experienced a growth of 91/4%. Industrial sector by having about 1400 small and large industrial agencies and about 170 mineral sectors and more than 10000 handicrafts workshops comprises the highest total share in export sector in Hamedan province. That is about 51/5% out of the total export value (dollar price) which shows the Hamedan high potentials to attract the investors in this sector. The measure of export in the province in industrial sector is only 639814 ton and its value is about 99633 thousand dollars.
In agriculture sector, Hamedan province by having 905 thousand hectares of natural resources and 660 thousand hectares of farming lands and 62 thousand hectares of under cultivation (farms) could have 22/26% of the total export share despite the unfavorable atmospheric condition and lack of water resources. Also by reaching a high position in producing some of the agricultural productions like: potato, grape, raisin, walnut, wheat, garlic and alfalfa this province could show its talent.Handicrafts, hand-knitted carpet, chemicals and mining sectors had an export value of 48969, 1437,234 thousand dollars, and a share of 13%, 74% and 25/23% from the total export price in 2010.Hamedan has exported its Glim and Gabe to 4 large countries around the world and in comparison with the last year it could obtain the remarkable currency value and this shows the high potentials of this city in Investment sector. Germany, Italy, Canada, and Iraq were the host of Hamedan.
Lalejin pottery stand in the first grade of the official export in the province, and the six countries: Holland, Iraq, Emirates, Turkey, Sweden, and Oman are the main purchaser of potteries. Half of the pottery in our country is made in Lalejin and this city is known as the main center of pottery-making in the country and now is working with more than 965 old workshops and all these successes are for the old experience and the existence of talented potters in Lalejin.
In 2010 nearly about 9013 ton of commodity costs about 267 thousand dollars has been entered from Hamedan custom Organization. This value has grown about 41% from weight viewpoint and 51% from the value point of view .The main imports commodities in 2010 were as follows: nylon string, machinery to produce cement, artificial Latex, machinery to produce food for livestock and fowls, equipments to purify the sewage, potato seed, and machinery to produce clothes.
The main importing countries are: China, Turkey, Germany, Italy, France, Holland, Malaysia, Austria, India, Japan, Ireland, Switzerland and etc.


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