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Registration of all Investors and Executives of Semi-finished Projects, and Developmental Projects in the Province............ The Iranian Year 1399, is the Year of Production Leap'..............HCIS ready to give advice and facilitate licensing process through the fully-authorized representatives................. We'll take care of everything for you

A Profile of Industry and Mining Sector of the Povince:
Hamedan province has potentails and comparatives in various economic fields especially in industry and mining sector.There are now1174 active industrial units with a total investment of a about Rials 21450 billion, employment of 27918 and 700 licences for new industries have been isuued with a  total investment of about Rials 70000 billion and employment of 23152. There are 273 active mines in the province with 29 different minerals and reserves of high quality.
Growth and development in this sector is on the increase due to present and potential infrustructures (water,power,gas), aslo suitable access roads, industrial parks, high-quality agricultural and livestock products with a high production potential and the possibility of creating related processing industries, and a 1000 MW power plant, higher education institues with  a variety of fields,vocational training centers with graduated ready for work in various fields of enginering, science, chemistry and etc.
Certainly, this rapid rate of growth is the outcome of all govermnetsl support especially from the honorable governor general and all public and private institutions.

A-The Capacity of a number of Important Industries of the Province:
2 cement plants with a total capacity of 2/2 milion tons per year, 20 porcelain producing units with a capacity of 1350 tons per year, 2 units for the production of glass containers with a capacity of 115000 tons per year, 21 units for the production of floor and wall tiles with a capacity of 5/8 milion m2, 36 units of tomato paste and pickles with a capacity of 32000 tons per year, 11 flour production units with a capacity of 656000 tons, 20 units of dairy products with an annual capacity of 280000 tons, 21 units of ingot production and various types of steel bullion (eg.Vian Steel Co. as the most modern of its kind in the middle east), cable and casting with an annual capacity of 1045000 tons, 8 units of light and heavy leather with a capacity of 7 million, as well as garlic powder and varieties of dried vegetables and textile colors, tire thread and nonwoven fabrics.

B- Some of the Province's Important Minerals:
25 sillion mines with a capacity of 771000 tons, 41 granite quarry with a capacity of 2/8 million tons, 8 dolomite mines with a reserve of 14/5 million tons, 9 Feldspot mines with a capacity of 3/5 million tons, 13 industrial lime stone mines with a total capacity of 469 million tons, 2 mines of iron ore with a capacity of 5 million tons as well as Mica and Andalusite.

C-Important Projects under Implementation:
A total of 32 large industrial projects (investing more than Rials 50 billion) with an employment of 3000 people and an investment volume of Rials 26500 billion are being implemented which are in the field of producing cement, petrochemical, iron melting, casting and a variety of steel sheets, pharmaceuticals, various types of potatoe products, powder and fruits nectars, Tetra pak sheets and industrial poultry slaughterhouses and automotive industry.

D- Some Suggested Projects:
Based on the potentials of the region including mines, agricultural and livestock (animanl husbandry) products and gas pipelines, the following plans are recommended:
Petrochemicals using gas as the raw material, cement, magnesium and aluminum ingot, manufacturing of industrial parts by forging, industrial rollers, pellet from iron ore, manufacturing of railroad equipments, glass fibers, industrial ceramics, ready-made concrete panels, auto parts, leather artifacts, synthetic fibers, egg powder, processing of fruit and vegetable, essence of medicinal herbs, industrial bread and potato products.

E- Infrastructure Facilities:
There are 15 industrial parks and 13 industrial zones with facilities including: water, electricity, gas and telephone, as well as the implementation of industrial wastewater treatment system, the existence of the national gas pipelines for supplying gas in the field of raw materials and fuel, the existence of highway and main roads, the implementation of the Malayer railway and its final implementation in the cities of Hamedan and Nahavand, the possibility of assigning national land outside the industrial parks as soon as possible by the relevant organizations in the least time (in a short span of time), proximity of the province and its townships to the center (Tehran) with highway roads and closeness to Iraq and Turkey borders.

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