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Hamedan Center of Foreign Investment Services
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Visiting Qazvin Center of Investment Services

In order to meet the goals of the Hamedan Center of Investment Services, regarding visiting the investment services centers of the successful provinces to exchange their experiences in research and executive fields and in order to create constructive interactions between the provincial investment services centers, Mr. Farhad Karam, Director of HCIS, Mr. Morteza Nemati, and Ms. Somayeh Dehabani, the economic experts of this center, on Wednesday 24/May/2017 visited Qazvin Directorate General of Economic Affairs and Finance and Qazvin Center of Investment Services.

At first, a visit from the investment center of Qazvin province on the ground floor of the building of the Directorate General of Economic Affairs and Finance of Qazvin province was held, and then a meeting was held with the presence of Ms. Lezgi, economy deputy of Qazvin and experts of the Investment Services Center. The meeting discussed the problems and barriers existing in the economic deputies of the provinces, the manner in which the affairs were handled, and the formulation of relevant reports and the issue of foreign investment in Qazvin province and Hamedan.
Then a visited to the investment center of Qazvin province was held. The center is divided into three separate floors and the head of the investment group, along with 4 experts from the Directorate General of Economic Affairs and Finance of Qazvin province, one expert from Qazvin Governor General's office as a consultant to the governor and director of the investment services center are all working at this center. It should be noted that the executive deputies of 17 executive organizations of Qazvin province are periodically there and in the case of necessity attend meetings at the center.
In the following, issues such as compilation of a roadmap for investment in the provinces, methods for preparing projects and investment opportunities of the provinces for the investors, the proposal to form working groups in the center to accelerate and shorten the process of obtaining investment license and the indicators of the approval of foreign investors were discussed.
In the end, Mr. Farhad Karam, Director of the Investment Services Center of Hamedan Province, provided an explanation about holding investment conferences in Hamedan in 2009 and 2014, as well as invitees and special panels and foreign investment projects in Hamedan province.

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