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Visit to International Havas Sazeh Lightweight Blocks Company

In accordance with the duties of Hamedan Center of Investment Services, based on visiting foreign investment projects of the province and reviewing their problems of implementation and efforts to eliminate barriers and facilitating investment in the province, experts of the center on Saturday, 13/Jan /2018 from the Investment Project of Havas Sazeh (manufacturer of gas blocks) located in Shooshab Industrial Town, Malayer.

The company is the manufacture of lightweight blocks with the participation of foreign investors from Iraq. This project is located in Shooshab Industrial Estate in Malayer, in an area of 5.7 hectares. The projected employment of the project is around 60 people and the physical progress of the project is 60%. The foreign investment of this project was $ 6.5 million in 1395, the total amount of which was entered into the country.
Taroq Maraie Zadeh, representative of Havas Sazeh Blocks Company, said: so far, USD 221 billion of domestic and foreign investment has been spent on lightweight block designs, and all equipment and machinery needed from abroad have been purchased and imported into the country.


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