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Visit to Amir Kabir and Shohada Solar Power Plants in Hamedan

In accordance with the duties of Hamedan Center of Investment Services, based on visiting foreign investment projects of the province and reviewing their problems of implementation and efforts to eliminate barriers and facilitating investment in the province, director and experts of HCIS visited Amir Kabir Solar (located in the village of Aghablagh Latgah) and Shohada of Hamedan Power Plants (located in the village of Kerd abad Viyan).


According to the Public Relations Office of Economic Affairs and Finance of Hamedan province, these two solar power plants each with a capacity of 7 MW and an investment of 8.8 Million EUR were implemented by Aftab Mad Rahe Abrisham with the participation of the Athos German Company in the province.
In this visit, Mr.Parviz Samari, Managing Director of Rahe Abrisham Hegmataneh Technological Co., said: by providing explanations about the technologies used in these power plants, said: in the power plant of the Shohada Hamadan, there are 38,860 solar panels installed, which are unpredictable in their own right, and the special conditions of the province of Hamedan, which has made this province as a pilot of solar plants in the country. Among the special facilities in the Shohada Hamedan solar power plant is the installation of earthquake on the panels of the power plant.
It should be noted that Amir Kabir Solar Power Plant was inaugurated and put into operation by the presence of the Minister of Energy in 2017, and Shohada Hamedan Solar Power Plant is scheduled to open this year in Fajr decade with the presence of Iran's first Vice-President Isaac Jahangiri.


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