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Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance of Iran delivered his speech at the Second Meeting of Young Economic Experts on "Improving Business Environment and Production Boom"

Iran's Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance, during a speech at the Second Meeting of Young Economic Experts on "Improving Business Environment and Production Boom" explained features such as moving on the path of solving economic problems with research and risk taking and courage in decision making. He cited the implementation and executive responsibilities as one of the characteristics of the younger generation.

According to the Economic and Financial News Network of Iran (SHADA), the Minister of Economy, speaking at the meeting held at this Ministry, stated: " At the Ministry of Economy, we intend to make effective use of the views of the elite young economists, not only at these meetings, but on an ongoing basis through the "Interactive Network of Young Iranian Economists Analysts".
While describing the positive points of holding joint meetings with young experts in decision-making, he said, however, at these meetings, it is only possible to use "partial" opinions of the experts.
The Minister of Economy added: "So, with the efforts of our colleagues in the Ministry of Economy, we have launched an "Interactive Network of Young Iranian Economists Analysts" and I think that focusing on this network and how its members should be managed, will lead to the extraction of policy proposals that will help the economy of the country.
Dejpasand said" among the features of the interactive network of young Iranian economist analysts are "continuity", "coherence" and "integration" of the topics discussed and said: "In this network, we do not need to simply designate the issues discussed by us as the "Ministry of Economy", but members of the network can also present their issues and concerns for discussion on the network.
Referring to the "cost of experience for young people is less than other age groups", the Minister of Economy said to young economists and experts, "You should also consider international science, studies and experiences in this field".
Recalling the services of students of the country's industrial universities to solve the problems of imposed war during the sacred defense period, he said: The economic warfare that the enemy has designed for us today also requires us to make more use of the capacity of elite youth and academics.

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