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Registration of all Investors and Executives of Semi-finished Projects, and Developmental Projects in the Province............ The Iranian Year 1397, is the Year of Support for Iranian Products.........................A new round of Hamedan Center of Investment Service (HCIS) activities ..............HCIS ready to give advice and facilitate licensing process through the fully-authorized representatives................. We'll take care of everything for you
Joint Meeting of Directorate General for Economic Affairs and Finance and Commissioners for Chamber of Commerce of Hamedan province

The joint meeting was held between the Directorate General for Economic Affairs and Finance of Hamedan province with the Heads of Committees of the Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture of Hamedan province.

Deputy Ministry and Director General for Economic Affairs and Finance of the province in this special meeting, while referring to the role of the Directorate General for Economic Affairs and Finance of the province, said: this office is responsible for the Foreign Investors in Hamedan province.
Seyed Naser Mahmoudi added Hamedan Center of Investment Services (HCIS) acts as an investment focal point. At this place, in addition to the experts from the Directorate General for Economic Affairs and Finance, representatives of other executive agencies, including the Organization of Industry, Mining & Trade, Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization and Jihad-e Agriculture, have been permanently stationed in this center and representative of other executive agencies were also introduced to the center to attend foreign investment meetings as needed.
He argued that the goal of pursuing to launch Hamedan Center of Investment Services was to reduce parallel work and to facilitate the investment process in the provinces, adding that in this area, the investor will be advised in all stages of the investment by this service center.
Director General for Economic Affairs and Finance of Hamedan province referred to the creativity of the Foreign Investment Services Center of Hamedan province as the second province (in the field of preparing flash cards, which contains all the rules and regulations of investment and investment opportunities. Hamedan province is the first province that has designed a mobile application that will be unveiled next week.
He added: Hamedan province has also set up a committee to monitor the improvement of the business environment with a focus on economics, which has requested member organizations to introduce their representatives to this office.
Mahmoudi while describing the creation of a monitoring committee to improve the business environment cited its aim is to reduce the licensing process and identifying business disruptive laws and regulations.
Director General for Economic Affairs and Finance added that 4 systems have been designed to improve the business environment, which is why all the protests and problems are registered and monitored online.
Mahmoudi pointed out: as much as improving the business environment, better investment will be made. Mahmoudi also mentions the seven strategic priorities of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance with the aims of increasing wealth creation in the country.


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