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Heads of Commissions for Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture Visited Hamedan Center of Investment Services

On Saturday 6/Jan/ 2018, commissioners of the Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture of Hamedan visited Hamedan Center of Investment Services with the aim of further engaging and exploring joint opportunities to attract foreign investment in the province.

In this visit, Mr. Karam, director of HCIS, emphasized on the importance of identifying the opportunities and capabilities of the province, and the necessity of mutual interaction between the Chamber and Hamedan Center of Investment Services and said: this kind of interaction is the basis for further development and expansion in the field of foreign investment in Hamedan province.
He also pointed out the duties of HCIS in facilitating and speeding up the process of issuing foreign investment licenses. In this regard, representatives of the 3 executive agencies of Hamedan Province have been permanently stationed in this center and more than 50 representatives from other executive agencies were also introduced to the center to attend foreign investment meetings as needed. Among the functions assigned duties to theses representatives is pursuing investment business of investment applicants through the relevant executive agencies, providing advice to investors in relation to all issues related to the acceptance and support of foreign investment. Referring to the bilingual site at www.himinvest.ir, he added: all the Economic News and investment issues of the province and the country are available in Persian-English in website.
He commented on the other measures of HCIS and added: preparing brochures for the introduction of the center, brochure of investment incentives and exemptions, book of opportunities and investment priorities of Hamedan province in two languages are among the actions of this center.


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