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Dr. Hallajzadeh, Head of the Council of Iranians living abroad emphasized: exploitation of Tourism Potentials, especially Health Tourism in Hamedan Province

According to the Public Relations Office of Economic Affairs and Finance of Hamedan province, Dr.Hallajzadeh, chairman of the Council of Iranians living abroad, said at the meeting of Hamedan Investment Financing Committee:

-Our goal is to developing the country.
- We have taken the idea of establishing a Council of Iranians living abroad from both China and Lebanon.
- In Lebanon, 60% of Lebanese live abroad, and they are the ones who help their country in the economic crisis of Lebanon, and the world's largest businessmen are Lebanese.
-the important role of Hamedani residents living abroad in introducing Hamedan to the world by holding conferences, International exhibitions and investment abroad.
- Emphasizing the two-way interaction between the Ministry of Economy and Finance and the Council of Iranians living abroad.
- referring to the activities of the Iranian Council of Living Abroad in order to build several refineries in the country.
- Emphasizing the exploitation of tourism potentials, especially health tourism in Hamedan province.

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