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Director General of Economic Affairs and Finance of Hamedan Province: Upward Trend of Foreign Investment inflows of FDI after the Nuclear Deal

Deputy Minister and Director General of Economic Affairs and Finance of Hamedan Province said at the meeting of the financial controller of the executive organizations of Hamedan and Semnan provinces: "The 11th government's performance in attracting foreign investment is excellent, and now there is no problem in the field of foreign investment".

Seyed Naser Mohmoudi added: "Due to the developments that took place after Iran's nuclear deal, a good atmosphere was created in the country and a great welcome from various sectors of the economy, which has continued the trend of increasing foreign investment.
He also noted: in order to encourage economic activists to invest in Hamedan; the roadmap for investment is being developed.
Director General of Economic Affairs and Finance of Hamedan province stated: with the coordination and cooperation of executive and service providers organizations that are responsible for providing the roadmap for investment, a coherent planning process is underway to identify the input and output of the investor's business process.
Mahmoudi noted: by the next year, the investment roadmap will be the finalized and now, the point of view of the executive organizations in the field of mapping is compiled.
Mahmoudi in describing the expectations of financial managers and executives said: the special expectation we have is that financial controllers must have high-level and accurate supervision of the expenses.
We believe that if all of our colleagues in financial controlling department will be more capable of accounting and finance, they can give advice to the management system before any controlling and payments.
Mahmoudi added that the specialized meetings of financial controllers of the executive organizations of Hamedan are held on a monthly basis at the Directorate General for Economic Affairs and Finance, where the expectation of regulatory authorities and supervisory agencies also raised.
Mahmoudi pointed to the support of domestic production and commodities, and added: in the execution of the orders of the Supreme Leader, another role is also assigned to the controllers on strengthening the resistance economy as well as controlling domestic and foreign purchases, which some meetings were also held and we have sent letters to the authorities last year to consider domestic purchases in the province and this will result in the collection of taxes.
Director General of Economic Affairs and Finance of Hamedan province in a report on the latest amount of foreign investment in Hamedan province said: the total amount of foreign investment in Hamedan province is $ 2255 million, according to which 6 projects worth about $ 58 million has been launched, two projects with $ 1110 million are underway and the licensing of 9 projects is underway with an investment of $ 87 million.

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