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Registration of all Investors and Executives of Semi-finished Projects, and Developmental Projects in the Province............ The Iranian Year 1396, is the Year of Economy of Resistance: Production and Employment.........................A new round of Hamedan Center of Investment Service (HCIS) activities ..............HCIS ready to give advice and facilitate licensing process through the fully-authorized representatives................. We'll take care of everything for you
Director General for Economic Affairs and Finance of Hamedan province: Hamedan a City with Potentials for Investment

According to the Public Relations Office of Economic Affairs and Finance of Hamedan province, Seyed Naser Mahmoudi said: Hamedan province is a good choice for investors for two reasons. First of all, in Hamedan province, there are co-ordinators and supporters who are headed by a respectable Governor General and also, proper investment opportunities are provided in four sections (Industry, Agriculture, Tourism and Municipality) in the province.

Mahmoudi added that the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance, acting on behalf of the government, guarantees the transfer of principal and profits abroad. He added that “Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Act” (FIPPA) is available in 11 languages at Hamedan Center of Investment Services' Website. Director General for Economic Affairs and Finance of the province described ten reasons for investing in Iran and Hamedan province for the Chinese delegation.
According to Mahmoudi, strategic position, the possibility of domestic markets and proximity to other markets, the labor force's advantage, developed infrastructures of the province, the low cost of government and public services, abundant natural resources, highly favorable climate, financial incentives and political stability of the region are all among the reasons which have prepared favorable conditions for investment in the province.


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