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Registration of all Investors and Executives of Semi-finished Projects, and Developmental Projects in the Province............ The Iranian Year 1399, is the Year of Production Leap'..............HCIS ready to give advice and facilitate licensing process through the fully-authorized representatives................. We'll take care of everything for you
Director General for Economic Affairs and Finance of Hamedan Province at the Seventh meeting of the Expert Committee of Hamedan Province Investment Headquarters stated: Today, Domestic and Foreign Investment is a necessity for our Country and our Province

Mr.Mahmoudi, Director General for Economic Affairs and Finance of Hamedan Province, at the seventh meeting of the Expert Committee of Hamedan Province Investment Headquarters, to verify Prof. Miraftab's plan for the production of "Calcium Alginate Dressings and Suture Fibers", stated: nowadays, domestic and foreign investment is a necessity for our country and our province.

Mr.Mahmoudi while introducing Hamedan Center of Investment Services (HCIS) and outlining the tasks of the Center stated: all matters related to obtaining and transferring foreign currency into and out of the country is the responsibility of the country's Investment Organization and Provincial Investment Services Centers.
He pointed out the importance of the role of Investment Service Centers in the provinces and said that the head of these centers is the Governor General of each province and the vice-president is the Prudential Director Generals of Economic Affairs and Finance. He also added: representatives of the executive agencies of Hamedan province have been deployed in the center to pursue all affairs related to the province's domestic and foreign investment.
Mr. Mahmoudi, referring to obtaining and issuing investment licenses over a two-hour period, stated: all inquiries regarding land and water should be made before investment begins.
Referring to the investment advice provided before, during and after the investment by the experts of Hamadan Center of Investment Services said: today, the conditions are ready for investment in the country. Investing in export-oriented projects is more beneficial to both the country and the investor.
Director General for Economic Affairs and Finance of Hamedan Province said: the necessary licenses are issued by Organization for Investment Economic and Technical Assistance of Iran. He said that after submitting the plan to several investment expert meetings, the final approval of the investment plans is made at the provincial investment headquarters and after approval, the investment license is issued with the signature of the Honorable Minister of Economy.
Mahmoudi, referring to the pursuit of all matters related to the provision of financial and economic advice at Hamedan Investment Services Center added: feasibility of investment projects should be done by the project investor.
Mahmoudi said: in order to facilitate and expedite investment-related matters, specialized meetings will be held with the presence of the Honorable Governor General, if needed, to raise the issue and receive the necessary support.
Mahmoudi, in the end, expressing his gratitude and good luck to the team of Dr. Miraftab, said: it is a great honor that Hamedan province has so far had investors from the US, Australia, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Germany and Iraq.

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