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Registration of all Investors and Executives of Semi-finished Projects, and Developmental Projects in the Province............ The Iranian Year 1399, is the Year of Production Leap'..............HCIS ready to give advice and facilitate licensing process through the fully-authorized representatives................. We'll take care of everything for you
Deputy Director of Economic Affairs at the Ministry of Economy stressed: Production Boom as the main goal of the Ministry of Economy in 1398

Deputy Director of Economic Affairs at the Ministry Economy announced the main target of the ministry at the macro level and provincial departments, in order to realize the slogan of the Year 1398 "Production Boom is the improvement of the business environment.

According to Iran's Economic and Financial News Network (Shada), Mr. Mohammad Ali Dehghan Dehnavi, at the National Assembly of Economic Affairs and Finance Directors of the Provinces expressing that the country's most important issue this year is the "production boom", said: "We have focused on the economic affairs department from the beginning of the year, which should be the main policy of the country, with the focus on the slogan" Production Boom. "
Referring to inflationary conditions and foreign exchange fluctuations of the country affected by outrageous sanctions, he said: in order to get out of this situation and realize the slogan of the year, we are faced with a contradiction in applying demand-side policies; on the one hand, if inflation is controlled by a monetary policy, production and economic growth will be undermined. "Our strategy is to focus on supplying the economy and production," he said.
Deputy Director of economic affairs at the Ministry of Economy continued by asking the question "How can production be promoted without expansion policies and money injections?"  "The answer to this question is to improve the business environment in the country," he added. There are barriers to the country's business environment that "the only" cost to fix them is to cancel a license or set up a "system".
Dehghan expressing that at the provincial level, the main goal is to improve the business environment, said: In order to improve the business environment, our preferred model is that the Governor's power and influence should be in partnership with the departments of the ministries of economy.
" Improving the business environment, according to the law is the duty of Ministry of Economy," he continued, "as much as we strive to facilitate the business environment, we must remove redundant provisions through the deregulation board, as Exceeding an institution As an extraterrestrial institution, we will identify and eliminate them.
Deputy Director of economic affairs at the Ministry of Economy said: "In the current situation, even if space is not suitable for attracting foreign capital, we should focus on domestic investment, and in all provinces we should identify and remove obstacles of the potential opportunities for domestic and foreign investment.
In the following, Dehghan also emphasizing the importance of the Economic Deputies the provincial offices of the Ministry of Economy in identifying and implementing the macro policies of the Ministry and enhancing its scientific status in the province, and said: strengthening economic departments in the provinces, requiring more support and assistance from provincial directors in recruiting manpower and providing facilities.

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