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At the Coordination Meeting of the Provincial Governors with the Investors from Germany and Ireland: Hamedan, Country's Pilot for the Implementation and Construction of the Third largest Solar Power Plant

Hamedan's Deputy Governor for Economic Affairs and Development Resources said: Hamedan province fully possesses the infrastructures needed today for the development of any region and participation in economic activities in the province is higher than the average of the country.

According to the Public Relations Office of Economic Affairs and Finance of Hamedan province, Qiasi added: "I can claim that your team is now a part of the citizens of Hamedan province, because you are also trying to upgrade Hamedan.
He referring to the long history of the two countries cited: "The two countries of Iran and Germany have a lot of commonalities, especially in terms of culture, and relations between the two countries in most areas were not broken and continued even in the economic and commercial spheres in the most difficult conditions.
Qiasi said: investment opportunities in four different sectors of industry, mining and agriculture in the province, geographical location, high security, Hamedan's proximity to the capital and its neighboring provinces, the existence of various universities and faculty members and many students are all among the another benefits of Hamedan to invest in this province.
He added: "Today, in international relations, Germany and Europe are no longer regarded as followers of the United States, and in the recent Euro-Dollar competition, Europe has devastating much of the American economy.
He continued: the government of Prudence and Hope with the efforts of 5 + 1 team came to the conclusion and Iran's relationship with the world was established. By re-election of Dr. Rouhani with high and decisive votes, people with the government have been making friendships to the world and from this relationship they also want to develop the country and continue the development of relations with the world.
Hamedan's Deputy Governor for Economic Affairs and Development Resources added: the Iranian nation was upset by the interruption of relations with the countries of the region and Europe, and today we are glad that this relationship has been established.
He said to the investors: be calm, in the second round of presidential election, we will achieve the goals that are anticipated in these communications so do not worry about investing.
He noted: "We hope that with the fulfillment of our commitments and the satisfaction of investors, we will continue to see you investment and your friends in Hamedan."
In the follow-up, Hamedan's Director General for Economic Affairs and Finance described the 10 reasons for investing in Iran and Hamedan province for the Irish- German delegation.
According to Seyed Naser Mahmoudi, a strategic position, the possibility of domestic markets and proximity to other markets, good labor force, developed infrastructure of the province, low cost of government and public services, abundant natural resources, highly favorable climatic conditions and government financial incentives as well as political stability and the region are among the reasons for being the favorable place for investment.
Mahmoudi said: Hamedan province is a good choice for foreign investors for two reasons. First of all, Hamedan province has coordinators and supporters headed by respectable governor general. Secondly, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance, on behalf of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran, guarantees the transfer of the principal and profits of investment abroad.
He added that the foreign investment law is available in 11 languages on the bilingual site of the Hamedan center of investment services.
According to the Director General for Economic Affairs and Finance of Hamedan, the governor of Razan also announced that the ground for the transfer of land to invest in the project for the construction of a solar power plant in the city is provided.
At the meeting, MR.Ralph, German investor of the Aftab Mad Rahe Abrisham project, also appreciated the support of the Governor of Hamedan and his deputies and the heads of the provincial executive agencies to support two 7-megawatt solar power plants in Hamedan province, and said: we are expanding other high-capacity solar power plants in Hamedan province.
He said that several meetings were held in Berlin in the capital of Germany with his presence.
The German investor, referring to the political situation in Iran and the sanctions imposed on the country by the US government, added: "In the past, the European Union and European countries were dependent on the United States, but now Germany is operating alone and independently." Also, after lifting the sanctions against Iran during the presidency of Dr. Rouhani, many countries around the world have found more willingness to invest in Iran. Also, the German Chancellor Angela Merkel's special attention to the investment debate and economic issues led the German ambassador to attend the opening ceremony of two 7-MW power plants in Hamedan province last February.
Sameri, Hamedan Governor General's Advisor, said: considering the successful implementation of two 7-MW solar power plants in Hamedan province by investors of Aftab Made Rahe Abrisham, what is important for us is the process of rapid development of the project in the province.
In the following, CEO of Power Distribution Company said: "In the eleventh government, 2 solar power plants have been constructed in the province each with a capacity of 7-MW. Haji Reza Teymouri said that in recent years good measures have been taken in the field of small scale power plants, adding that the construction of new power plants is underway in the form of 7 companies with a capacity of 100 MW in Hamedan province.
He said that during the last four years, the amount of energy losses in the province has decreased by 6 percent, adding that during the past four years, energy losses have fallen from 16.7 percent to 10.7 percent by the end of the year.
It should be noted that the German and Irish investors expressed their readiness to invest 200 million euros to build 100 MW solar power plants in Hamedan, which they reached to an early agreement on this issue.

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